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Our book publication reaches out to those who feel they have a story to tell and no one to market it.
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Welcome to Catch-It Publication where all dreams of seeing greatness  comes from the effort of your imagination, determination, belief, and your patience. Catch-It Publication understands that the little, unknown person who might be trying to publish their dream are faced with obstacles. Here, we're not trying to deter you but encourage you to write, and when you have a completed manuscript, we would like to look at it.  Other publishing companies ignore writers such as yourselves because you aren't as well known. We will not ignore you. We encourage you. We will build your dream into a reality.

I wanted to make a point by not letting those in power control my thoughts or my originality, so I decided to go another route other than what the book publishing establishment wanted me to go. Having a voice is possessing the concept to say "no" when something you feel isn't right inside. That was my direction. Sure, I could have given in to their demands and sold my soul to get published, but I had morals and refused to do what they wanted.

Hence, the creation Catch-It Publication. We want to give to the little man/woman who has been writing for ten, fifteen, twenty years and all they have received for their efforts is continued "rejection letters" that belittles their given talent as writers. What Catch-It Publication does is compete you with other writers to see who can get published within the year.

Catch-It Publication welcomes the future release of this long and anticipated autobiography. This compelling, and true story is titled; The Mighty Hand. It is the story of a young man wrongfully convicted of a cab driver murdered in 1987 in Brooklyn, New York. Anthony Faison had been convicted and imprisoned to twenty (20) years to life.

This erroneous action led to Anthony to embark on a quest for justice to clear his name. Not only for himself, but for his family as well. His heartfelt pain engulfed him knowing that there were loved ones who thought he'd committed this brutal, inhumane act.

Sixty-six thousand letters written by hand and a thirst to expose his injustice kept him motivated through his mental and emotional ordeal as he sat in his eight by twelve prison cell and wrote vigorously. While life passed by on the outside, and time stood still in prison, he concentrated on writing his letters to politicians, Senators, Congressmen/women, and many men and women of the cloth expressing his innocence.

For the fourteen (14) years of his struggle, Anthony Faison succeeded in accomplishing what has never been recorded by the New York State criminal justice system. His desire for freedom has led the Assistant U.S. Attorney General of the state of New York to acknowledge Anthony as being the William Shakespeare of the prison system.
In 2003, the state of New York acknowledged their egregious mistake and freed Anthony Faison. They awarded him 1.2 million dollars and an apology. His book is well worth the read. It is a book that should be considered one for the ages.

Anthony has been speaking out on the injustices of the judicial system since his release. He has partnered with myself to create Catch-It Publication to reach out to those who have a story to read.