Robert Crudup Catch-It Publication
CEO Anthony Faison
Our book publication reaches out to those who feel they have a story to tell and no one to market it.
Author Bio

Robert Crudup, is an extremely versatile writer who has the ability to create mind-boggling characters in many of his fictional stories. As a writer he has shown a stupendous visionary concept when emphasizing his tales. He is an accomplished writer with several books on his writing resume and continues to churn out more marvelous stories.
"Writing stories is a challenge to me. I start with a blank page. I stare at it; it stares back at me. I might walk back and forth pass my laptop for three days or more and not touch it. It seems as if it is talking to me after awhile. Daring me to touch it. I am asking myself where do I begin? I can never answer that question at that moment. Then, one night, I find myself leaping out of bed and running toward my laptop to begin writing. The blank  page now has color on it when I hit my keyboard. Like magic, I turn a blank page into a page of reverence, emotion, suspense, action and other imaginary possibilities to surround my reader with a comfort zone." 

One dimensional writing is not his pedigree. He has a knack about him in regard to encouraging his reader to look beyond the story he has created and question the many possibilities that lie between the words.

His vision when creating his stories are based on stories surrounding his life while growing up in New York City. His hardships as a young man. Battling an embarrassing stutter made him very shy. It was through his writing that he became confident in his speaking ability over the years. While being raised by his parents who impressed upon him to write stories that not only reflected his own life but those whom he'd become close to as well like his uncles, aunts, cousin and friends, it motivated him to broaden his vision. He saw the making of a story in everything he witnessed and experienced in life. By time he was seventeen years old, he'd already written two fictional short stories. This accomplishment encourage him to write more lengthy stories as he grew older. Enjoying the tale of each story as he pounded eagerly on his laptop for the conclusion of one chapter after another.