Robert Crudup Catch-It Publication
CEO Anthony Faison
Our book publication reaches out to those who feel they have a story to tell and no one to market it.

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions about my books, and why Catch-It Publication was created.

Q: What's the best part of being an author?

A: Great conversations with readers who have taken the time to read my books. Late nights at the computer while thinking of the next paragraph to write, and knowing that it has to be a good one.

Q: What's your biggest desire for any of your book?

A: Knowing that there are people out there who have spent their money to read something I have created from a thoughtful point of an entertaining view as well a humorous one.

Q: Did it take you long in writing your books?

A: What do you mean by long? If you put a certain time limit on writing you become overburden with trying to meet that time table. No, I write until my characters tell me they are finished.

Q: Why did you create Catch-It Publication?

A: I, and Anthony Faison wanted to give back to those who aren't capable of reaching the masses with their writing ability. So, we created this company. It is small, but very big for those lacking an outreach. Anthony and I have read many fictional novels from great writers since creating this company.

Q: Where do you think Catch-It Publication will be in the next five years?

A: It's independence will give us the opportunity to reach out to a world-wide audience who are considered to be not talented enough for major publishing companies to read their manuscripts. In the next five years, Anthony and I hope to still be around giving those who possess a talent a chance to get their material out to the people so they can read their wonderful stories.

Q: You seem very confident about Catch-It Publication.

A: We at Catch-It Publication are confident that we will one day be recognized for creating a publishing revolution in which the layman can tell his great story without be frown on as being: "not good enough." Everyone has a story to tell. They simply lack the outlet to express that special gift. And, they shouldn't feel discouraged when they receive those rejection letters from major publishing companies. 

Q: Do you think that being a writer and a publisher gives you an insight of what the audience is looking for?

A: Yes. First as a writer, you want to create that piece of work that makes the reader gasp in surprise with each turn of the paper. Now as a publisher, you want to make sure that the writer is producing their best work by encouraging them to dig deep when creating their characters and storyline. You want that writer to think like a reader would when reading their novel.