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Malachi Moon: Journey of a Bluesman;

This is a wonderful tale of a fifteen year old young black man and his little sister. It takes us through the violent South during the 1930's as the young man seeks out his own purpose in life while at the same time trying not to become a lynched statistic by the Ku Klux Klan. And, suddenly caught in the middle of a war between two powerful factions seeking to own the town they were passing through, Malachi will eventually be confronted with choices his young mind finds conflicting. It is through these choices that he begins to grow up and find his way in life; a life that takes him and his sister through the forces of greed and the underbelly of betrayal, and murder.








Blood is Thicker than Water:

Bartholomew Jenkins encounters racism and an injustice while walking home from work one late night. He is confronted by two New York City police officers who decide that he would be a great person to question in regard to a crime spree of burglaries that had taken place in the area. What began as a simple night for Bartholomew Jenkins would eventually become a struggle to survive for years to come as he confronts his mortality as well as his sanity. His fight would continue, and he would become harden as he fights a judicial system that sees him as nothing more than cattle. To magnify that fight, he fights even harder to break the blue wall of silence that has imprisoned him for nothing more than the color of his skin.






Jesus Walked, Jesus Saved, James Deceived: A tale of Jesus Christ

This fictional tale takes us into the realm of possibilities. Why was Mary's husband not angry at finding out his wife would conceive a child? What was the relationship like between Jesus and his other brothers?Where does a twelve year old child disappear to for eighteen years?

Jesus Christ would return at the age of thirty and begin his gospel. He would walk the world with his words of wisdom, his touch of compassion, and his love for God. Yet, during his Resurrection did he really come back from the dead? Or could it have been James, one of his followers who looked identical to Jesus? So identical, that Judas had to kiss Jesus on the cheek so that the Roman soldiers would know which one to arrest. What love did Jesus have for his mother, his brothers, or his adoptive father? Was he a vessel of misdirection or a conduit of goodness for the world to hear and love?